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How We’ve Achieved SAP A Rating at Viewpoint@Totterdown

How We’ve Achieved SAP A Rating at Viewpoint@Totterdown

31st May 2021

At Viewpoint@Totterdown, we’ve incorporated sustainable technology and forward-thinking design at every stage of the development. Each property is SAP ‘A’ rated for energy use and environmental impact. Less than 1% of new build homes achieve SAP A rating and even fewer incorporate additional measures and technologies above the minimum needed to reach A rating. At this development, household energy requirements are less than 10% that of a similar-sized Victorian home and as little as a third of a typical new build. 

So what goes into creating a home that exceeds the minimum requirements of an SAP A-rating? Some technologies make huge energy gains, however, the secret is to add in lower carbon choices at every stage of design. Each marginal gain in efficiency contributes to a bigger picture. Here’s a run-down of the design features and technologies we’ve included:   

  • We’ve used air source heat pumps (ASHPs) and underfloor heating to provide heating. ASHPs are a lower carbon alternative to gas boilers, helping save up to 1.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. Find out more about these technologies here.

  • We’ve installed high output photovoltaic solar panels, going above and beyond the normal specification for PV. We’ve installed panels that have up to 5 times the power output of a typical array, so you’ll be generating power even on cloudy days.

  • Oversize windows make these homes light and airy, whilst also helping with thermal gain, and the windows are thermally insulated helping reduce energy loss.

  • The most energy-intensive process in your home is heating - so we’ve added in very high levels of insulation to retain as much heat as possible.   

  • Each home has a timber frame construction. Timber has the lowest CO² cost of any commercially used building materials, with each house build saving up to 4 tonnes of CO². This is approximately the CO².output of an average family car each year. The timber we use all comes from sustainably managed FSC® approved sources.

  • Timber frame construction makes it easier to form and maintain an airtight barrier. This reduces air permeability in your home, helping keep the heat in, reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

  • There’s low energy lighting in every fixed outlet. Plus, we’ve installed smart control heating with time and temperature zone control features. Pairing room thermostats to a mobile phone app allows real-time monitoring and control of heating in your home, so the heating only comes on when you need it and at the temperature you want, saving money and reducing the amount of energy used to heat your home.

  • We’ve also thought about the impact transport can have on your carbon footprint. Each garage comes with pre-wiring for electric car charging, and there are ample bike storage facilities that are intended to encourage residents to take advantage of Bristol’s excellent cycling infrastructure.

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