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Homes Built for Low Carbon Lifestyles

Homes Built for Low Carbon Lifestyles

5th August 2020

At our newest development ViewPoint @Totterdown, we're offering home buyers the chance to reduce energy costs and reshape their carbon footprint. ViewPoint has allowed us to reimagine an unused plot in a sought after location, to create new homes that will encourage and enable low carbon living. The planning and development of this site have presented a range of exciting opportunities for our team.

A Unique Opportunity

Brownfield sites carry unique challenges; it's not always straightforward to take on projects of this sort, particularly where the number of properties is limited. One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Autograph is the ability to be agile to these opportunities, allowing us to develop bespoke homes on smaller sites. Quite rightly, large green spaces near the centre of Bristol are rarely available for development, and there is a high demand for housing in the city. To take a disused space and create new homes for several families is an exciting opportunity to impact the local community positively. 

The homes at ViewPoint will support low carbon lifestyles. We're seeing a new generation of house buyers for whom green living and the carbon impact of their daily life is an important consideration when choosing a new home. As a company, we want to acknowledge and support this trend through our actions. 

Our role is to create homes that are fit for the future, rather than properties that merely fulfil the lowest acceptable standard. As non-renewable resources become more scarce, and as renewable energy sources become more competitive, it makes good business sense as well as being a socially responsible choice to build homes with a low carbon tariff.

Responsible Construction

The first step in this process is to limit energy use and promote responsible building methods on site, working with local suppliers and tradespeople. We use methods that minimise waste, recycle where possible and encourage our partners to do the same.

A low carbon home isn't just about the energy requirements of the property. The choice of materials is one of the main opportunities we have to limit the environmental impact of construction. Every home at ViewPoint will be timber framed. A renewable material, responsibly sourced, with the lowest carbon cost of any commercially available construction option. Timber frame construction helps us to reduce the CO2 cost for each property at ViewPoint by up to four tonnes when compared to conventional building methods.

The homes at ViewPoint will be economical to own. Features include high quality insulation, solar panels and air source heat pumps that all help to limit energy use and fossil fuel reliance. We've made smart design choices too. Large thermally insulated windows help with solar gain and cut the reliance on artificial light. Of course, by creating light, airy living spaces, we're boosting the health and wellness benefits of the homes too.

Low Carbon Living

Part of creating homes for low carbon living is about considering the lifestyle choices that are available to the people living in them. For ViewPoint, the location is an intrinsic part of this. Homeowners could cycle to work or walk into the city centre. There's bike storage, the city's cycle infrastructure is excellent, and Temple Meads train station is 20 minutes away on foot, all factors that help to reduce the reliance on high carbon transport methods.

We're aiming to build properties with a social conscience, homes with garages and gardens and more internal space than you'd typically find in a new build home, with layouts and thoughtful touches that support peoples daily routines. When developers make these choices integral to their process, rather than an afterthought, we can help to create spaces that nurture modern lifestyles.

For more information about the stunning new Autograph Homes at ViewPoint @Totterdown, please visit the website or contact our sales team.

Simon Taylor - Managing Director

Simon is passionate about building new homes with individual character and quality. He’s the creative driving force behind the business and responsible for the operational performance of the team. He’s closely involved in land and planning, constantly pursuing opportunities to break new ground.

Over 25 years in the construction industry, predominantly in the South West, Simon held a commercial role at what is now ISG, before taking up the position of Commercial and Construction Director for a regional house builder, a position he held for 10 years before joining Autograph Homes.

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