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A Contemporary Feel in a Country Setting

A Contemporary Feel in a Country Setting

19th August 2020

Honeycomb Interior Design Consultancy specialise in creating luxury residential interiors. We worked with them to develop the vision and specification for the interiors at Church Farm. We spoke to Beth Chippindall, Lead Creative & Owner at Honeycomb to discover the inspiration and creative processes that went into designing the interior spaces at Church Farm.

Hi Beth, thanks very much for talking to us today. Could you give an overview of what was included in the interior design brief at Church Farm?

We were involved with every aspect of the internal design process, from looking at internal room layouts, to the fit out of the show home.

We started off doing the internal specification, creating a palette for the feel of the homes this included door design, floor finishes, paint colours, sanitary ware and tiles, as well as the designing all aspects of the kitchens. We also furnished the show home from the fixtures and fittings to the non-fitted furniture, curtains and the soft furnishings, everything up to and including the kitchen sink.

At Church Farm, it's important that people can imagine themselves living in the properties, part of that is about creating choices. So we did a lot of work curating options that would tick the box for different sorts of homeowners. For example, with the wall colours, we had two sets: A cooler, more grey set for the two and three beds because we wanted a contemporary, slightly younger feel. Then we created a version with a more classic look in mind. We've designed quite a few properties where the owners have a mix of modern & antique furniture and adding in a slightly warmer tone works well for these homes. 

There were different bathroom options too, for bathroom tiles there were three or four different colour options, a dark grey, a pale grey, sandstone and a white; all options that are about making those spaces your own.

The team at Autograph Homes wanted to make the bespoke kitchens a key selling point for this development. How did this influence the decisions you took during the kitchen design process?

The architects gave us a lot of space to work with, the kitchens at Church Farm are very spacious, which is fantastic as we were able to include a lot of features. We also wanted to create a hand-built kitchen look so having space for extra details, things like spice racks in the larder units, wine racks and nice big pan drawers was important.

The brief at Church Farm was to create a contemporary feel in a country setting, so we included a lot of the things that you would expect of a high-level kitchen: beautiful worktops, high splashbacks, lovely internally lit glass cases and American style double-fronted fridge freezers in the bigger houses. Most property layouts at Church Farm are unique. Therefore, each kitchen is bespoke, and we've put a lot of thought into making effective use of the available space in each home.

In the kitchens, there are a lot of options for the buyer to make too. If you go to the sales office at Church Farm, they will show you boards of the six different kitchen colours, worktops that go with them and a few different handle options too. In the showhome, the kitchen is graphite grey, a real showstopper but quite a brave choice and maybe a slightly younger feel. Others might be happier with something like a French grey or a sage because it has perhaps more of a country feel, so we've made those options available.

There's clearly a lot of detailed thought that goes on behind the scenes when designing interiors. How does that process help to improve the experience of living in these properties?

As a designer, when you're brought into a project in the latter stages it can be challenging to make the space work around the demands of someone's everyday lifestyle. It doesn't matter how great it looks if you can't live in it. 

With Church Farm, Autograph involved us early in the process, so we went through, together with the architects, all the interior details and asked questions like: Where do the wardrobes fit in the bedrooms? Where are the beds going? So that electrical sockets are in the right place. 

We also considered how those spaces might be adapted. If we know that a bedroom could potentially be used as a study, or where we think there could be a home working space, do we have extra sockets because a desk and computer are going to be there? Similarly, lighting was also an essential consideration because having a well-lit space can be the difference between a home being a joy to live in or not. 

I think the architects have done a fantastic job creating spacious layouts. The room spaces in these houses are much bigger than you would expect to see in a lot of new properties, you really can get a good-sized bed and wardrobes and a chest of drawers and genuinely live in the space. I think it's all these thoughtful details combined that make the houses into great potential homes at Church Farm. They stand out.

You worked closely with the team at Autograph through the design process for Church Farm. In your opinion, which aspects of the Church Farm set it apart from other new home developments?

I think overall Autograph have put real thought in at every layer of the design process. They’re not a developer that is just selling you a box, and what’s lovely here is that not every home is the same design either. At Church Farm, they're offering a lifestyle, being part of a village community, living in a gorgeous location with the countryside on your doorstep. Yet, it's still an easy commute to Bath, Bristol, Frome and Warminster.

If you look at the brands on the high street, if we take retail as an example, the brands in the home section that do the best offer a lifestyle rather than just a product, and I think Autograph very much have that view. There was a clear idea of what they wanted to create, and then that vision has come in at every point. It was clear to me throughout this process that for Autograph, it's not just about box-ticking, there is a genuine passion for creating homes that the customer will be delighted to live in and to own.

Honeycomb is an interior design consultancy based in Bristol. They specialise in the creation of luxury residential interiors for private and commercial properties. Find out more about their work and the services they offer on the Honeycomb Website.

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