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5 years on from our first, we’re making every new home low carbon

5 years on from our first, we’re making every new home low carbon

6th February 2022

At Autograph Homes, low carbon living and environmental sustainability sit at the heart of our vision. We strive to make every home we build fit for the future, including making sure homes have a limited environmental impact and are economical to own. Just five years ago, we created The Paddocks, a development of new low carbon homes in the village of Hambrook on the outskirts of Bristol. Now we're going a step further and committing to including low carbon technology in all our future homes.


At the Paddocks, we combined innovative green technologies with sustainable construction methods. The homes are timber-framed, a renewable and low impact choice and they're exceptionally well insulated to retain heat. Each has a central atrium glazed with VELFAC composite windows offering a beautiful architectural feature and a superb level of energy thermal efficiency. In addition, underfloor heating and hot water are supplied by an air source pump, a system that consumes much less energy than traditional gas, oil or electricity. Combined with photovoltaic panels generating a peak output of 5kW, air source technology offers a highly effective, economical and environmentally friendly way of keeping a home warm.


The homes were all rated as SAP A properties. SAP stands for The Standard Energy Procedure and is a methodology set by the Government to show that a build complies with the energy and carbon requirements defined by current building regulations. An A rating indicates that properties have scored more than 92% on this test. In practice, high SAP ratings mean that homeowners can expect to use less energy to heat their homes, resulting in lower energy bills. 


Over the last five years, we've worked hard to bring new homes to the market that fit into our vision for sustainability. For example, at our Farriers Close development, all of the new properties incorporated energy-efficient air source heat pumps and underfloor heating and at Viewpoint@Totterdown, we added high output photovoltaic panels as a source of renewable energy. At Midland Road, our city-centre development of affordable housing, we've connected to the Bristol Heat Network, a district heating scheme that aims to supply cheaper, cleaner energy to this neighbourhood and support Bristol's goal of becoming a zero-carbon city by 2030.   


As we look forward, we're reaffirming that every home we build will be fit for the future. We're excited and proud to pledge that all our future properties will be low carbon, designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. As technologies evolve, we'll publish bespoke plans for each development, setting out the steps we're taking to incorporate low carbon features and achieve the highest standards for energy efficiency. Please visit our ‘fit for the future’ page for more details on the ways we've utilised low carbon technology and construction design features in our latest projects and our commitment to low carbon living. 

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